Friday, May 20, 2011

Color Blind

When we bought our house in 1996 we took the kitchen back to the studs. The only thing that remained from the original kitchen when we were done was the dishwasher.

At about the ten year mark I was really ready for a change. We also travelled to Italy that same year and I started dreaming of a warm Tuscan kitchen. I poured over magazine. I picked out new counter tops. I brought paint samples home at a rate of three a week.

Two years ago we had the wall paper stripped and painted the walls a nice neutral color and replaced the pulls on the cabinets. This was meant to get me through until the kitchen facelift rose to the top of the “financial priorities” list.

Finally this spring we said fuck it and I went full bore into picking out back splash and floor tile, faucet and sink. (And OMG the grout. Do you have any idea the number of colors of grout that exist? I didn't)I hired a contractor and over a few weeks’ time it was out with the old and in with the new.

But a problem remains. In all this time, over five years’ time, I have been envisioning yellow walls. Beautiful warm, yellow walls. Not the exact SHADE of yellow, (I currently have splotched of paint here, there and everywhere) but certainly yellow. The thing is? In the one place I painted a large swathe of what I thought was my top choice I just….wasn’t…sure. You know that feeling?

I had neighbors come over and render opinions. I had family come over and render opinions. I had had very nearly every guest at my daughter’s graduation party render an opinion.

Samples of backsplash and countertop in tow, I consulted with professionals at three different paint stores. I brought more paint chips home.

Now, more confused than ever, I consulted Precious Oldest. She surveyed the choices, looked me square in the eye and said, “Mom, why are you over thinking this? You want yellow walls; you’ve always wanted yellow walls. And I’ve never known to care what anyone else thinks about ANYTHING, why would you start now?”

I think I’m going to paint my kitchen walls this weekend. YELLOW.

Monday, May 16, 2011