Monday, August 30, 2010

It’s a first

For the first time EVER we did not take a family vacation this summer. First time ever. This is not tragic in the OMG we have no MONEY to go on VACATION! Or OMG our car BROKE DOWN and we can’t get it FIXED so we can’t leave town! It was more a scheduling difficulty that became insurmountable once my sister landed in the hospital.

I had planned to visit Precious Oldest for a few days to get her started on a t-shirt quilt she wanted my help with. I did take a day off. The day my sister was taken off the ventilator.

I planned to take off the week before Precious Youngest left for school which coincided with Precious Oldest being home for a week of “vacation”. I did take the week off. My sister had her thyroidectomy.

The Saint and I had planned a trip to Spain this September to celebrate our 25th but some…sort of…up-in-the-air health and finance issues made us decide to postpone.

Labor Day weekend is upon us. The official end of summer. I’m trying to pull up my big girls panties and not sulk. That said? I feel gypped. Anyone else end up with a less than stellar summer?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I look pretty damn good for fifty three...

too bad I'm only forty eight.

How do you know you're old you ask?
  1. You have a child who is a SENIOR in college
  2. You were invited to your THIRTIETH high school reunion
  3. The skin on your neck looks more CHICKEN than HUMAN
  4. Wearing shorts in PUBLIC is simply NOT an option
  5. Cookware sounds like an EXCELLENT gift

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Things are a little dusty around here I see. I didn’t mean to abandon this poor space but many, MANY goings-on have been vying for my time and attention.

My sister finally left the hospital on August 5th. Nearly a month after she was admitted. She came home with a defibrillator but minus the thyroid that started all the trouble to begin with. She is lowly re-gaining her strength and she may be able to return to wok the first of September.

Both of my girls are back at school. Actually, Precious Oldest did not come home this summer, but last Saturday we moved her into the apartment she will share with three others for her last year of college. She has lived in the residents halls her prior years, so this is very exciting for her.

Precious Youngest was deposited at her residence hall on August 7th. Much too soon for her mother’s taste, but she had to train as the desk supervisor so she in turn could train her desk attendants and be ready for the first wave of residents who arrived yesterday.

My nails, house and gardens all show the signs of neglect. I haven’t done a proper grocery shop in I can’t say when. Probably prior to the 4th of July. Work, well work is still here. It has been a relatively quite summer and thank goodness because I did not need to have the office weighing on my mind too!

Slowly I hope to fill in some of the pieces. Some are good, some are wonderful and some are not too nice at all. In the meantime I do appreciate the comments and e-mails of support and concern. The power of prayer has pulled us through some very dark days and I appreciate your prayers good wishes on our behalf.

XOXO Fannie