Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everything's More Fun with Babies!

My brother and his wife are very brave. They took a four hour plane ride to come for Thanksgiving with their two and a half year-old sons.

I got in a BUNCH of trouble for getting up from dinner to fix PB&J's,

but they didn't seem too interested in what WE were eating.

They are very energetic

and HIGHLY entertaining

The boys were very interested in the dog but a bit timid.

But once they go the hang of patting gently

Kisses were next!

Can I say borrowed babies are especially precious?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in Pictures

Turkey with stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, creamed onions, brussel sprouts, FOUR kinds of pie. Marvelous.
We were twenty for dinner plus the twins. My sisters helped with prep

Sib #2 made forty eight crescent rolls fit on two pans. It is a talent I assure you.
Sib #3 helped me peel TEN FREAKING POUNDS of potatoes. We LOVE mashed potatoes!

He doesn't look like a twenty-two-pounder does he?

He got some help from an additional turkey breast and I spent a great deal of time looking for more dishes.

The Saint spent a great deal of time opening wine.

Everyone else?
Spent a great deal of time

Enjoying the wine!
All in all a very satisfactory meal!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Is It Monday?

I bring a water bottle to work every day as the only water options in my building are:

A. Buy Bottled
B. Drinking Fountain with Dubious Plumbing

This morning I threw the bottle in my work bag and headed to the office. When I pulled the water bottle out of the bag to stick it in the fridge it was only two thirds full. That’s when I noticed the lid hadn’t been screwed on quite tight enough. So I did. Screw it on tight enough.

Another person might have had a warning bell go off in their head at this point. I, however, did not. (Bejesus it's been a busy week!) It wasn't until LATER that I remembered my digital camera had ALSO been thrown in the bag at some point this week.

GGGGAAAAAHHHH! Water + Digital Camera = Tragedy of Epic Proportion!

I began frantically rummaging through my bag pulling out soggy file folders, damp receipts and a very moist paperback. And yes, the camera. However, while dewy, the camera appears to be in good working order.

So, crisis averted. Thank God. Because I have several things on my Christmas list and a digital camera is NOT one of them!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

True Story

If you walk around at a conference for three days in pumps with heel heights varying between three and three and a half inches? By day four the term “pain in the ass” becomes quite literal.

I’m just sayin’.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Random Thoughts

Oh the randomness currently rolling through my brain.

We have had THE most unbelievable fall weather. Very Little Rain = Much Sunshine. You have no idea how this pleases me. The windows have been open for weeks upon weeks. It has only been in the last few days I’ve left the heat on for an entire 24 hours.

Precious Youngest was home this past weekend. She needed a break. She is struggling right now. She is in a difficult period of discernment. She is my worrier by nature and I’m losing some sleep on her behalf.

I’ve been notified of two large awards for grants I wrote in late summer. Let me tell you; money is tight and competition is stiff. I feel pretty good about this.

I am afraid I have to walk away from helping my sister with her finances. I had hoped to keep her little ship afloat until she could deal with some long standing issues. My assistance is now being perceived as interference. She is resentful to the point that it is affecting our relationship. I am afraid for her, but I can not make an almost forty seven year-old woman DO anything she doesn’t want to do.

I have a sort of a braggy thing I keep writing about and then deleting. You know what? Make that two things.

The hot flashes. Oh my God people; kill me now. I have an appointment with a doctor next week. I am hoping there is something to be done.

See? Random.