Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can I have a drumroll please....

100 Things (with special "surprise" guests)

I know it is old. I know it is tired. But I'm doing it anyway. In honor of my 100th post; 100 things about me. Except I couldn't think of 100 things, so this will be a family project. My nearest and dearest each submitted 25 things. After extracting promises that I would NOT censor in any way. Any editorial comments will be italicized. The first 25 are mine, the next 25 are the Saint's, the next 25 are Precious Oldest's, the last 25 are Precious Youngest's.

  1. I do not own a pair of Crocs or a pair of Uggs

  2. I DO own 47 pairs of shoes, many of which sport heels high enough that folks feel compelled to ask "How can you walk in those"

  3. That number does not include boots or athletic shoes, entirely separate categories in my mind

  4. When I'm at home I rarely wear shoes

  5. I seldom see movies made from books I've enjoyed because they are almost always a disappointment

  6. I have degrees in English and Art History

  7. I prefer the ocean to the mountains

  8. I like gardening and having my hands in the dirt

  9. I love to cook

  10. I love our back yard, it has a fantastic patio and deck

  11. I like living somewhere that has a change of seasons

  12. I hate the short days in winter

  13. I love my husband, he is a good man

  14. Traveling makes me constipated

  15. I used to say I love to travel, but I really I just like being in other places - not the actual travel

  16. I learned to ski before I learned to ride a bike

  17. I love summer days at the lake with my family and friends.

  18. I didn't learn to water ski until I was an adult

  19. I have been to Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Mexico

  20. I want to go to Brazil, Egypt, Greece and Spain

  21. I am constantly awed by my daughters who are are wicked smart and very funny

  22. I enjoy, in this order, Irish Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon. Yet I can't abide Scotch Whiskey

  23. I am a registered Republican

  24. was married in 1985. I weighed 108 pounds. My wedding dress still fits

  25. I am Catholic. I go to Mass. Even on vacation

  26. I was a debater in high school

  27. I go to the gym at 5:30 AM, 5 days per week, every week of the year

  28. My only interest in sports is college basketball

  29. I am more Irish than almost anyone I meet

  30. I like my steak rarer than any red blooded American

  31. I think a day that starts with champagne can never be bad

  32. I never belonged to a Sorority, and every one who knows me is shocked (not people who know me, people who've recently met me)

  33. Home grown asparagus and tomatoes are my favorite vegetables

  34. I puked from conception to delivery (every freakin' time damn it)

  35. Ireland and Italy are two of my favorite vacation spots - so far

  36. I like to sunbath European style

  37. Manhattan - Jack Daniels - straight up. Three cherries.

  38. I can kick your ass on snow skis

  39. Van Morrison rocks

  40. As does ABBA

  41. I would live in New York City or San Francisco in a minute

  42. I go to church every week

  43. My parents let me go to England for a summer when I was 17

  44. I have been to the church where my great-great grandparents were married (Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland)

  45. Recipes are for Sissy's

  46. Blogging is therapy

  47. Family dinners are important

  48. I love to read

  49. Winter darkness sucks

  50. I shave my legs every day

  51. She is only 29 years old… kind of.

  52. She claims that her favorite color is yellow, but 3 rooms of the house are green, green, green.

  53. She loves the smelly dog more than she lets on.

  54. Her first job was as a milkshake on a street corner. Almost like prostitution, but BETTER.

  55. She loves her gardens; roses are her favorite.

  56. She suffers greatly when she has to vacation without her favorite cabana boy—my father.

  57. If you’d like to be put in the hospital, talk to her before she’s had her first cup of coffee in the morning.

  58. For a very long time, she was a Nancy Drew fanatic.

  59. She hates winter more than just about anything in the world.

  60. She likes the black jelly beans the most.

  61. Despite her best efforts to prove us otherwise, she really does know the difference between Facebook and Myspace. (Myface, my ass.)

  62. She relentlessly captured the annual “first day of school” pictures that will last only until her daughters round them up and BURN THEM.

  63. Her high school Oratory speech that got her to State? Totally about STDs. Classy broad.

  64. She reads Sue Grafton novels like there is no tomorrow. (I also OWN them all)

  65. She was once offered $20 if she wouldn’t kiss the Blarney stone.

  66. Her favorite band to “rock out” to remains, unfortunately, ABBA.

  67. She is the reason that her favorite daughter is an English major.

  68. Every year, she cheats and listens to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

  69. She still doesn’t know how to use anything on her cell phone but “Talk”.

  70. She guesses at the plots of movies (OUT LOUD) before anyone else can even absorb the current scene… She should be ashamed that they are often correct. (What? I'm brilliant)

  71. She will never stop scaring the crap out of my boyfriend. (Not just the current one..ALL of them)

  72. She could be a thousand times better than Rachael Ray if she had her own cooking show.

  73. She was drinking Cosmopolitans way before “Sex and the City.”

  74. It is impossible to beat her at Scrabble.


  76. The boys we bring home are greatly afraid of her (and may they REMAIN so!)

  77. We're more like best friends than mother and daughter

  78. She used to collect roosters and the ones that she has are displayed "proudly" in the kitchen are far above eye-line

  79. Her collection of Santas and Snowmen are obnoxious and she's very picky about where she places them, but she really doesn't notice when we move them around much

  80. She's very good at water sports like skiing and knee boarding

  81. One of the only movie candies that she accepts are Good & Plenty

  82. She has a crazy boss who's daughter should make her appreciate her own much more

  83. She uses Clinique "Happy"

  84. She was an English major and hopefully I will break the trend

  85. She hates the stupid damn dog

  86. She bites her fork when she eats and trust me, its really annoying

  87. She's a BIG COOK

  88. She absolutely hates camping (just that there's no room service)

  89. She's very good at being boat candy

  90. She enjoys Ben Folds and has been to two of his concerts

  91. At Elders concerts she pretends she can Irish dance and bounces around obnoxiously, usually hurting her bad knee (Whaa? I can too Irish Dance)

  92. She has a bad knee from a skiing accident caused by one of the youngest male cousins, though she went many many years being a great skier without injury. Actually, she was bragging about that just before it happened...

  93. She did girl scouts and was our troop leader

  94. She likes to pretend the sun room is her lake house and that the lawn mowers are just Sea-Doos

  95. She has very small ugly step sister feet

  96. She often takes trips to various countries leaving her children at home alone and sad

  97. The good thing about these trips are the shot glasses she brings back for her children (classy, right?)

  98. She's having a secret love affair with Horatio from CSI Miami

  99. Her dance moves to ABBA'S Dancing Queen are sensational and really turn heads

  100. She often uses "E.V.O.O." much to the dismay of the sister (she hates the phrase, not the oil!)


Vanessa said...

This is awesome! Since I haven't done it yet, I may also do it for my 100th post. I love to travel too, but you have me beat hands down in the number of places you have traveled.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

108? Are you as short as I am?

Madame Queen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! After reading your 100 things, you definitely sound like my kind of woman!

Madame Queen said...

I mean, as a friend! Not that other way -- not that there's anything wrong with that! (Could I USE more exclamation points?)

Irish Goddess said...

This is brilliant! Both of your daughters are hilarious. Numbers 54, 61 and 63 are great. And 85? Sounds like she is quoting you!

Mary said...

my wedding dress still fits too. My thigh!!!! Of course the other thigh would have to be a bridesmaid.

Fannie Mae said...

Vanessa- You'll get there!

SC: Hell yes, I'm only 5'3".

Madame: Thanks for popping by. No worries, I don't mind being your kind of woman.

Irish: I gotta tell you, living with those tow keeps you on your toes!

Mary:I'm only 45, time may hit me upside the ass yet!

DaisyJo said...

re #95: Is is possible to have feet that are both tiny and stepsister-like?

And how could you resist not retorting on that one?

Fannie Mae said...

Daisy - Paybacks are hell. I may have mentioned a time or two that the girls have BIG ugly stepsister feet. Mine are actually quite dainty and pretty truth be told, hmph.

Tilly said...

You're the only other person I have ever come across who reads Sue Grafton - love her!