Friday, January 25, 2008


Last Saturday Evening

Saint: "We need to go right now or we'll lose our reservation."

Me: comfy on the couch, using his laptop "Hang on, I'll be right there."

Saint: "Seriously, what are you doing that's so important?"

Me: "I'm checking in with the Internets, just one more minute."

Saint: "What Internets?"

Me: "You know, my bloggy friends. For pete's sake, hold on a second!"

Saint: "Well, I'm going to wait in the car. And from now on I'm calling them your bleeps."

Last Night At Dinner

prompted by this post I'd read earlier in the day

Me: "So, in the movie Juno, did you think the step-mother should have offered to raise Juno's baby?"

Precious Youngest: puzzled "No, why?"

Me: "Oh, I've just heard a few discussions where some teen aged girls thought the step-mother raising the baby along side Liberty Belle could have been a solution."

Precious Youngest: dumbfounded and momentarily speechless.... "I thought getting pregnant before I got married was NOT an option?"

This Morning

I'm in the shower having already braved sub-zero temperatures to go to the gym. The Saint comes into the bathroom and leaves door WIDE OPEN.

Me: shrieking "Close the damn door, you're letting all the cold air in!"

Saint: "Sometimes I do things just so you'll have to talk to me before 8 AM."


Vanessa said...

HA! I loved that last one from Saint. I may have to try my own version on my S.O. but it would be "make you talk to me before 3pm"!

Yes, its sad, I know. But hey, the lease will be up soon!

DaisyJo said...

Why can't they understand that talking before 8am is forbidden?!


Karen said...

I love being a bleep! I think bloggy husbands all feel the same way.

Fannie Mae said...

Vanessa - Is S.O. going somewhere?

Daisy: 22 years, and yet....

Karen - Thanks for stopping by you bleep you!

Jenny from Chicago said...

I'm shocked that I've just found you through Say Anything.

How could this funny have been going on without my notice?????

Fannie Mae said...

Jenny - Right back attcha, thanks for stopping by!

Shelley said...

I read the Juno thing on S.C.'s blog, and then I came over here and read what your daughter said too. I've been wanting to ask my daughter, but I was kind of afraid of the answer.

I finally did ask her yesterday when she was trying to decide what movie to go to with her boyfriend and this was one of the possibilities, even though she's already seen it.

Me - "So, do you think Juno's stepmom should have offered to raise the baby?"

Her - Silence. Then.. "Um...well, it depends."

Me - "Depends on what?"

Her - "Well, I think she shouldn't have gotten knocked up in the first place!"

I thought that was a good answer, but then I said something like, well accidents happen, and pointed to her five year-old sister as proof. This was good though, because we got into a discussion about whether the subject of sex had come up between her and her boyfriend (who we love, btw) and so I got to see where her head was with all that. It was a good discussion.

Luckily, at this point, she really wants to wait until marriage, and we talked about how unless you get married at 20 that's not too realistic, and she said she at least wanted to wait until she was out of high school. A good goal, I think. Maybe Kylie served as some good birth control for her. heh.

Love, one of your bleeps. :)