Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Excellent: 1. Superior 2. Very good of it's kind: eminently good: first class

I don't see "tardy" as one of the definitions, BUT, last Friday New Diva On The Block over at "sAy AnYtHing" gave me my first bloggy award! And I am just now getting around to patting myself on the back letting everyone know. But first let me say that if you don't visit la diva, please do. I check in over there everyday. In fact if you run right now, she's giving stuff away!

Do ya wanna hear what nice things she said?

Next up? Fannie Mae at "This Isn't What I Ordered, some people see the glass as half empty, some see it as half full. I just want to know who the HELL drank my wine". First of all, the title and subtitle alone should be all the proof you need that she is, in fact, excellent. However, when you visit her, you will be equally impressed with her irreverent humor and colorful(in a good way) language."

This might lead you to believe there might be a lot of swearing on this blog; that couldn't be further from the truth that might be a teensy bit true. But in a good way (snort).

Now I'm supposed to pass the torch. I can't remeber the rules, but I'm going to give it a whirl.

First and foremost to Daisy Jo at "He Loves me....He Loves Me Not" and the Drawer Queen at "My Life In A Drawer". Two of the smartest, most well written blogs I read. Sometimes funny, sometimes thought provoking, but always witty and insightful.

If you want to be blown away by a woman who can do ANYTHING? Head over to Angie's at "Home Grown". She's running a small farm, raising her kids, and still finds time to write about it. If you go right now, maybe she'll let you have some of that cake she just baked!

When you're done over there, head over here to see what Suburban Correspondent has been up to. She has six children and she home schools. What? Oh yeah, I think she's totally out of her mind, but there's a lot of funny going on over there!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Damn, I don't rate witty and insightful. How about whiny and out of it?

drawer queen said...

WOW! Thanks Fannie. Hope I don't crumble under the pressure of being excellent. I am honored and humbly accept this award on, well, on my behalf! I would proudly post it on my blog if only I knew how. Maybe a crash course as we dine and drink tonight. (aren't all you other bloggers jealous that I actually get to have drinks with the famous Fannie Mae?) It pays to live here in God's country (and apparently God has a wicked sense of humor in the weather department).
See you shortly!

Vanessa said...

Congrats! I love your blog.

Ree said...

Oooooh, congrats babe!

DaisyJo said...

I'm so jealous that you and the Drawer Queen are close enough for dinner.

I'm also honored that you selected me for this great award. Thanks!

Madame Queen said...

Congratulations on your award! I can't wait to check out these new blogs. But if I keep finding new blogs, something's going to have to give. Job? Kids? Housework? Personal Hygiene? I vote for housework.

Fannie Mae said...

SC: What? You weren't flattered by insane?

DQ: Very fun last night, I needed that. And for pities sake, I left a tutorial over at your place on the award. SHEESH!

Vanessa and Hot- Thanks. Love you guys too.

Daisy - Does your new potential job involve out of town travel?

Madame - I say the job goes.

Mary Alice said...

Congratulations my dear....swear away, swear like a sailor!

DaisyJo said...

No, it's closer than my current job, actually. I'll drive 10 blocks instead of 11.

Maybe I'll head your way on vacation sometime.