Wednesday, January 9, 2008

25 things that shit me to tears**

I say when you can't be creative your ownself steal. (**I stole this from blackbird; I think she found inspiration elsewhere so I hope she won't mind. ) Please note these are not in any particular order.
  1. Anything peach scented
  2. Drivers who don't use turn signals
  3. Diet soda
  4. Anyone who makes my girls feel sad or anxious
  5. Bell peppers
  6. People who have "good" dishes, stemware and flatware, but never have an occasion "good enough" to use them
  7. Wool next to my bare skin, even cashmere
  8. That smoking is bad for my health
  9. Scotch
  10. The person in my office who thinks she's in a forty hour a week group therapy session.
  11. Short days in winter
  12. Folding laundry
  13. Genetic diseases that have no cure
  14. Chipped nail polish
  15. Cellulite
  16. Decaffeinated coffee
  17. People who are always late
  18. Rain on vacation
  19. Perimenopause
  20. Unmade beds
  21. Carnations
  22. Trying on jeans
  23. My handwriting
  24. "Well done" steak
  25. Taylor ham without rye bread

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