Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We were visiting with some acquaintances after church on Sunday. Their daughter had been married the week before and I was enjoying hearing their description of her very lovely wedding. They asked about the Precious Daughters and we verified that both girls were both off to college this year. They asked when they were leaving and right there on the church walkway I started crying.

The Saint and I moved Precious Oldest back to school on Saturday. She will be an R.A. this year, so she went back early to get trained, to get her floor organized, to decorate doors and be there to welcome the residents. We met her boss, we like him very much. One of her friends is an R.A. three floors up and they are so excited about this new adventure.

We take Precious Youngest to school next Tuesday. Two hours in the opposite direction of her sister. We have started packing and will be checking our list carefully. She has been in contact with her room mate (so far so good) and will have several friends from high school enrolled there as well. Her class schedule worked out nicely and we anticipate a good launch.

They will be fine, we will be fine, I keep telling myself these things over and over. After all I do have a life; a job, a husband, friends, hobbies. But PEOPLE I am SAD. All their light and energy and enthusiasm is going to go with them. The same energy that sparked more than one fire over the years to be sure; but energy that has brought us immeasurable joy. It will not be the same when they’re gone.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You're going to make ME cry.

Leanne said...

Hugs. Lovely post too.

We're just staring high school over here this fall, and I can't believe THAT. I'll be with you crying away in four years. Sigh.

Oh and more hugs too

Violet said...

You did make me cry, and I don't even have kids! Think how bright and strong their light and energy will be when they come home on breaks...and they will because they will miss you as much as you miss them.

Big hugs!!

Shelley said...

I was going to say I know how you feel, but I don't. I still have two at home. But the one that's gone? I miss her desperately. It's been a rough few days. Damn hormones. I feel for ya, I really do. (((hugs)))

Jen on the Edge said...

You'll find your way through this, I know you will.

And think about how wonderful it is that you can text, email, and call your girls regularly, just as they'll text, email, and call you.

Hang in there.

Mary Alice said...

Ahhhh. It is bitter sweet. Take comfort in the great people you raised.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is a perfectly reasonable response to losing great kids. But they'll be back before you know it!

Holly (me.) said...

I cannot imagine the challenge of seeing both of your lovies go off to school. I think perhaps I'll hug my own girls an extra time or two today.