Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Home Tour

Once again, many thanks to Jen for organizing what has become an annual event. It gets me motivated to get my decorating done. While I think my home looks nice I don’t know that I possess the same home d├ęcor gene that others seem to have. I am not, at my core, a very creative person. So with THOSE low expectations let’s take a look around shall we?

Technically, for Catholics, Christmas doesn’t begin until December 24th. We are now in the season of Advent. We celebrate each evening around our kitchen table by lighting the Advent Wreath.

I have things hidden in several nooks and crannies in the kitchen.

The living room is one of my favorite rooms. It seems to accept Christmas so gracefully.

Our traditional Frasier Fir.

For years the mantle hosted the Santa Collection

But take a closer look...

intermingling of the species!

A selection of some of my favorite children's Christmas books.

I had a small dinner last night. I took these when I was getting set up.

I should get something up abut that soon.

The family room historically hosted the Snowmen

But yes!

Look at me and the co-mingling!

This guy is new, a gift last year from a co-worker.

Hell, even the bathrooms get dolled up.

The sunroom looks pretty even at night.

Now I'm off to explore all the other Holiday Home Tours! Merry Christmas!!!!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love your mingling snowmen and Santas! Your whole house is like a picture.

Jen on the Edge said...

Inter-mingling snowmen and Santas? You are so daring. ;-)

I have serious Spode Christmas plate envy now that I've seen your table. I have a couple of serving pieces that my late mother-in-law gave me, but that's it. Perhaps I should get a few more...

Holly (me.) said...

Ah, it's not really Christmas without the Spode is it? I think I need to pull mine out despite having declared this year a "low-key" holiday season. (Translation: there's not much to post on the Holiday Home Tour" despite the new casa this year.) Then again, your pictures are inspirational. It's not too late yet!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love that you have the Spode plates--your table looks gorgeous!

Badness Jones said...

Your whole house is beautiful, and I love your Christmas of my aunts had that pattern (or something similar) when I was little. I'm tearing up with nostalgia!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Your house is beautiful!
Did someone make the "dear santa" plate? I love it!

Francis said...

You have a gorgeous house. I love all the little Santas and snowmen. The Queen herself would feel comfortable at your table. Hope you, the Daughters Precious, the Saint and the Terrorist have a very Merry Christmas!

Francis said...

Your hose if gorgeous. I love all the little Santas and snowmen. The Queen herself would feel right at home at your table. Hope you, the Daughters Precious the Saint and the Terrorist have a very Merry Christmas!