Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elections and other shit

So yeah, remember me being all "glass half full" yesterday morning? All "Woo Hoo! The sun's coming up before 7 AM!" Um, so I kind of forgot that meant I would be driving home in waning light and that it would be pitch black before I got dinner on the table. Blech.

Did you vote today? I tried to do advanced voting last week but was faced with huge lines every time. Today I went straight from the gym and the wait was only about thirty minutes. I slid into the office just a few minutes late. (Attempt to ignore shitty quality of cell phone picture.)

I'm taking off work tomorrow. We're driving about three hours north tonight as we're taking Precious Youngest to another school for yet another college visit. I'm going to try to remember my camera this time. You need to see all these fresh faced, enthusiastic college students. Oh my!

Now get out there and VOTE!


Shelley said...

I did, I voted! I actually did a mail in ballot about a week ago, so I wouldn't have to do the waiting in line thing.

Have fun on the college visit!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

There is the downside of the time change. We got drizzly weather with our time change so it's definitely blah around here.

Holly (me.) said...

I voted! I voted! Yay! The blasted campaigns are almost over!!! Now I will simply hope the election will have a clear and uncontested winner.

Ree said...

Duty done my dear!