Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes We Can

Are you a teacher? Where do you teach? A safe suburban school? A posh private school? Your own kids at home? An impoverished school in the urban core?

Are you a doctor? Where do you practice? Private practice? A well endowed teaching hospital? A safety net clinic for the medically indigent?

Are you a volunteer? Where do you volunteer? You kids school? Your son’s scout troop? Your daughter’s team? At the food kitchen?

What do you do with the stuff you don’t need or want anymore? Send it to the landfill? Pass it on to family? Have a garage sale? Drop it off at an emergency assistance center?

You raise funds for charity? You plan events? You write checks? Do you volunteer at the domestic violence shelter? Tutor the refugee children?

Where are your kids going for spring break? The mall? The beach? A cruise? To Appalachia to build houses?

Do you render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s? Do you happily give the federal government 33% of your family’s income? Your state and local governments 10% of your family’s income? Pay your property taxes? Your capital gains taxes?

Do your render unto God the things that are God’s? Do you happily give 10% of your family’s income to your church? Your community? The charity of your choice?

Do you have hope? Do you believe we need change? Do believe that NOW is the time for personal sacrifice?

What are you waiting for?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It'll take a nation of volunteers with spirit to help our nation recover--Amen!

Swirl Girl said...

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes...

(i think that about covers it)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It is time for us all to think, really think, before we act.