Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Notes from Abroad

To: Fannie@work
From: Precious Oldest@Yahoo
Sent: Wed 05/27/09 03:18 PM
Subject: Hey!

Hey, Mama.

I'm in Galway right now (YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO "GALWAY GIRL" AS YOU READ THIS) and it's lovely. The 7th leg of the Volvo Ocean Race is here right now (we did that on accident) so everything is lively and busy and colorful and amazing. Renee Friend and I have not killed each other yet, though I'll admit, we've come close a couple of times. But, overall, a successful first week. We leave for Limerick tomorrow, which I'm totally stoked about. We'll have our own room for the first time! Whee!

Speaking of pubs... that's where I'm headed currently, to The King's Head. Loads of young kids, horrendously loud music, the whole shebang. It's fantastic. Don't you worry your head, now; Renee friend and I are being "mature, responsible adults" for the most part. =]

Anyway, I sent you a postcard. Hope it actually gets thereeeee. Let me know.

Missing you. Hope all is well!


Ree said...

How absolutely wonderful! I hope Renee, er, Friend, is also having a terrific time. ;-)

The bank that shall not be named had a couple of boats (yachts) in it when they sponsored it. Before they sold us off to the other bank that shall not be named. I have a t-shirt someplace.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, YEA! Everyone should go to Ireland, for sure. What a trip!

Limerick, though? Not so pretty compared to much else in the country.