Thursday, July 2, 2009


Every one else seems to be writing full posts and such. Not me. So bullets:
    • We celebrated our TWENTY FOURTH wedding anniversary
    • We paid off the house we bought in 1996. On a twenty year note. Seven years ahead of schedule.
    • We are preparing for the annual white trash fourth of July
    • Which my parents will attend for the first time ever
    • I love my daughters


    Shelley said...

    Congrats to you and the Saint on your anniversary, and paying off your house! Celebration time!

    As for the white-trash 4th, isn't that the best kind? I'll tell you what, kids here in CO are starting early...there are fireworks going off outside my window right now, two days early! This is new for me, as all fireworks (except professional shows) are illegal in AZ.

    Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

    That mortgage thing is damned impressive.

    Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

    That is SOMETHING to celebrate! Yay!

    Swirl Girl said...

    if you're having a white trash party - I hope nobody blows a finger off while lighting their illegal fireworks!

    Happy 4th!

    Jen on the Edge said...

    Congrats on your anniversary AND paying off the mortgage!!!

    Jocelyn said...

    Oooh, details on the white trashishness of your festivities, please?


    Ree said...

    Happy 24th! I think that's the traditional "Deed" anniversary.

    yay for white trash!

    Holly (me.) said...

    Full posts? What? Who? Not me.