Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last Friday ( a week ago, yes I have been busy and ignoring things over here) I had a luncheon which produced a fairly massive fashion emergency the morning of. I had an outfit in mind but while I was doing my hair I had a "better" idea. It went like this:

  1. Put on (sleeveless) dress and cardigan.
  2. Hate it.
  3. Put on different cardigan.
  4. Hate it too.
  5. Revert to original outfit - also (sleeveless) dress and cardigan
  6. Hate it more.
  7. Pull out two skirts, four additional cardigans and a smattering of camisoles.
  8. Lather, rinse, repeat steps 1 to 4.
  9. Give up and leave for office twenty minutes late in boring black skirt, boring white cardigan over boring black camisole.
  10. After trying on and discarding three shoe options before settling on a black patent pump.
  11. Only consolation truly fab necklace thrown on at last minute in desperate attempt to not cry.
Let me just say that my bedroom looked as though my closet had thrown up its contents over every available surface.

When we awoke on Saturday to yet another rainy, cold and dreary day I conned Precious Youngest into going shopping with me. Can I just say that for a bunch of girls the Precious Daughters and I are not big shoppers? We adore clothes, shoes, bags, the works - but actual the shopping? Meh.

Anyhoodle we spent about four hours IN A MALL. You have no idea how bizarre and disturbing that is. BUT, with a little help I got some new things to throw in the mix and hopefully prevent any other emergencies of the type experienced last week. Behold:

Gray, tropical weight wool pencil skirt - Ann Taylor - marked down to $39.99

Cardigans, pink and gray - Talbot's - marked down to $33.99

Raspberry tank with sparkly sequins and fun scarf (not marked down - shush) Ann Taylor Loft.

Not to worry, Precious Youngest scored several items too, including the same tank but in Navy. I came back with just enough new pieces to mix and match with existing pieces that I haven't been late to work once this week!

Done any shopping lately?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am a Target shopper--I love the Merona line. I go in and get a whole bunch of stuff, take it home to try on and return what I don't like.

This spring I got 6 cotton/spandex blend skirts (a-line that hit right at the knee) some short-sleeve blouses and layering tanks and cardigans in fun colors--peach, yellow, lavender, etc.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Giving you an ATTA GIRL for taking care of business. That's a job I despise, but it is necessary...and I fear it'll be my turn to hit a mall in the next few weeks or else I'll have a bunch of tearful mornings, too.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I only wear combos of black, tan and white to work. My only purchases this Spring have been one pair of tan capris and one pair of black capris.

I did shop for underwear today, but that's a whole other blog post!

blackbird said...

Well done!
These items look like the perfect additions to spice up things you already have.

Ree said...

My only shopping has been for hardware - and Pledge for the fingerprints all over my cabinets.


I love the gray and raspberry. LOVE.

Cindy said...

Great choices! Mixing and matching... very important in my world. I've become an online shopper in recent years, but my daughter loves mall shopping these days, so she begs me (and my wallet) to take her.

Violet said...

So I'm a week late with my comment...

I feel exactly the same way about clothes and shopping. I am girding myself for a foray into The Mall tomorrow - just to buy a pair of shoes the nice gentleman at Track n Trail is holding for me.

Hey, it's Ann Taylor Loft - that's the "economical" line, n'est-ce pas? (And it's tres jolie.)

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