Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Update

What a weekend people, I’m pooped! It was one of those weekends that was fun but with no time to recover before Monday comes again. Here are the highlights:

  • We bought a “new” car.
  • We went to visit Precious Oldest at school and her dorm room was clean!!!!
  • On the drive out I got to do the Crossword, Jumble and Cryptoquip! I LOVE these puzzles, but never have time to do them anymore.
  • We spent many hours, and had several meals, with Precious Oldest and her friends and it was FUN! It is strange and delightful to find yourself carrying on interesting conversations with these “kids” who seem to have grown up overnight.
  • We made it back to watch Precious Youngest’s volleyball team win three straight games to take their match; they are 3-0 for the season. (Her serve is awesome!)
  • Although it wasn’t pretty, our NFL team FINALLY won a game.

    Add: laundry, grocery shopping, fixing dinner, more laundry......what the? It's Monday? GAAHH!

    Shelley said...

    Yay, new car! What kind did you get? And who's your football team? Our poor hapless Cardinals are now 1-2. Perenial bottom-dwellers.

    Fannie Mae said...

    2007 Nissan Pathfinder won the day. 25,000 miles (by one of the dealership guys), but way cheaper than "new".