Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Leprosy, we haz it

Well maybe not leprosy, just an extremely bad case of eczema. Well maybe not us so much as our deck. Every few years the thing gets power washed, stripped and sealed. Something went terribly wrong in last year's process.

Is this flaking not most attractive?

How about the big white patches?

It's freaking EVERYWHERE

And as you can imagine this is not a simple affair. What with the benches and the railings and the fences and god only knows what. So we're thinking we may have to call in professional help. Unless someone has a better idea?

1 comment:

Ree said...

If I had unlimited resources, I would rip it down and put in Trex or some other material.

Unfortunately, I don't, so usually I just make Mr. Hot go re-paint. ;-)