Tuesday, May 6, 2008


At the grocery store with Precious Youngest

Lady Bagging Groceries (LBG): after filling two canvas bags and setting a gallon of milk beside them “Do you need your shopping cart?”

Fannie: “No, I think we can get this.”

LBG: “One of these bags is really heavy.”*

Fannie: “That’s OK; Precious Youngest can carry that one.”

Precious Youngest: grabbing the lighter of the bags and dashing towards the door “No mom, I think you’d better carry the rest yourself. I don’t want you getting dependent on me. Otherwise you might not survive when I leave for college.”

*Note: Those canvas bags are huge and they hold a lot, but holy crap they can get heavy!


Vanessa said...

She is awfully anxious to get to college! And yes, those canvas bags can get VERY heavy!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

A 6'2 boy can totally not get away with that. If he had to, he could carry me and the bag!

Shelley said...

Dear Lord, how are you going to manage when she goes to college? What with having to carry grocery bags, and all.