Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sometimes you get tired. And a little cranky. And you feel overwhelmed. And you think that if one more person sends you a nasty and negative political e-mail you might shoot yourself. Work is exhausting. LIFE is exhausting.

You know that feeling? Here's the antidote:

From: Precious
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:57 AM
To: Fannie@work
Subject: Happy Wednesday!

Hi, Mom!

I was just missing you and thought I'd say hello. I'm feeling much much much better than I was-- yay for Nyquil and cough drops! I think we've managed to save L****** (at least for a while) from being sick, so that's good news. Two of the girls in our hall have mono, though, which is... icky. How's your day been going? I worked with the kids at Wonder Workshop this morning; they're so much fun. I think I just might love my job, which is basically amazing after my SUPERB summer at Tower. Anything happening in KC?

Miss you! Love you!
<3 K***

I feel better, do you? My big ass grant was submitted today, one more (small one) to go, sister tomorrow, but awards coming too. Bye....


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

A much-needed shot in the arm, I'd say.

Daisy said...

I just love things like that!

Madame Queen said...

Well that even made ME feel better.

Good luck on your grants. Mine big ass grant just got approved by upper administration, so now I actually get to submit. And if it gets approved by the Foundation? Why, then I get to write a 20 page version! Woo hoo!

drawer queen said...

Sometimes they come through at just the perfect time. Don't let the politcal emails bother you. I was just thinking how lovely it was that on your blog you pointed out the positives of whatever the election outcome whereas the only blog entry I could come up with would describe how I would secede from the female gender if women were actually the reason that McCain/Palin were to be elected. Congrats on making it through the grant app, but more importantly, did #2 find a homecoming dress?

And thanks for being my lone reader!!! I appreciate it!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Thanks for the smile--that was lovely! I feel good too and she's not even mine!

new diva said...

I hear ya on the political e-mails!

Kids are the best medicine!

Holly (me.) said...

Your inbox is better than mine. Yay for daughters!