Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"L" is for Lolly-gagger

From the Urban Dictionary:

1. Lolly-gag
To goof, to waste time, to procrastinate. Mostly said by hipsters and old farts.
"Stop lolly-gagging and get off that nintendo! You have homework to do!"

This is a word I actually use. With the above definition, I especially like the "old fart" reference. Several weeks ago I agreed to do the letter meme with Jen on the Edge. She assigned me the letter "L". And then I fell off the face of the blogosphere.

So last night I was poking around my blog and saw a draft of a post with the unfamiliar title "L". What did I find when I opened the draft? That I am a LOLLY-GAGGER!

So with no further ado - My "L" list:

Bret Lott: author of the novel "Jewel".

"Life of Pi": by Yann Martel. I know some people did not care for this book AT ALL, but I loved it.

Liverwurst: Hah! With mustard on rye!

Lamb: Chops, Racks, Roasted, Grilled. Just get away from me with the godforsaken MINT SAUCE!

Black Licorice: Again I say Hah! Black licorice, black jelly beans and of course Good and Plenty. Love it all!

Laura Ingals Wilder: I have read all of her books MULTIPLE times. And then I turned around a bought them for my daughters to read too!

Lee Pace: I am so disappointed about the cancellation of "Pushing Daisies". Lee, Swoosie Kurtz, Kristin Chenowerth, I freaking LOVED that show. And I think I may the only person who was not annoyed to death by the voice of the narrator.

Is anyone bored? Leave a comment and I'll send YOU a letter. But as I am a lolly-gagger, don't expect it any time soon!


Violet said...

Oh, please send me a letter! You never bore me, I need a distraction, and I love a meme. :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I use lolly-gagging too--it's not a practice I encourage.

Jen on the Edge said...

I've never had liverwurst...

Daisy said...

Oh no, I loved the narrator's voice too. Loved the show, too.

Lolly-gagging is a great word!

Ree said...

I'll bite. Please send me a letter.

Swirl Girl said...

I got 'd' forever ago ...see how much of a lollygagger I am?

and I love liverwurst and lambchops is my all time favorite meal (only at home, though so I can ravage the bones)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I LOVED Pushing Daisies-ESPECIALLY the narrator. And LI Wilder. I'll pass on the licorice, though.

Holly (me.) said...

Lolly-gagging is a fine art. Especially when practiced in defiance of one's offspring.

Vanessa said...

Don't give me a letter as I've already done this one, but I think you got a better letter than me. Mine was F. What can you do with F? Not much I tell ya!