Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Duped Again

Yesterday was glorious. The sun was out! OUT I tell you! The sky was clear blue, not a cloud to be seen and 5 degrees above "normal" temperature-wise. The trees were beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange and russet. I drove home with no coat and the car window open soaking it up.

Last night I gave The Saint two choices for tonight's dinner. He chose sirloin on the grill because today was to be a repeat of yesterday, only WARMER. With the fall we've had so far who knows how many more nice days we'll have so I readily agreed with his assessment and prepared accordingly.

So when my alarm went off at 5:29 this morning and I heard THUNDER? The first words out of my mouth were not “Oh Happy Day!” I’ll give you one guess….


Holly (me.) said...

After a month of wondering if we were perhaps in Seattle or Portland, there were finally three whole days of sunshine here. My mister reports that we, too, will likely waken to the all-too-familiar rumbling roll of thunder tomorrow again. *sigh*

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Of course. Gargh!

ree said...

crap? ;-)

It was beautiful in Chicago today, too. And me, with my pretty new trench coat, wore it anyway.

Shelley said...

Sorry about your sirloin plans. Hopefully today is a better/warmer/non-rainy day? :)