Monday, October 12, 2009

This and That

Things I've been doing

  • Dragging my ass into the office
  • Two college visits with football tailgate parties
  • A Texas Hold Em’ poker tournament
  • Some clothes shopping
  • Put out the Halloween/Fall decorations
  • Routine physical, mammogram and lady bit check up
  • Pulling spent basil and annuals after the first freeze.

Things I'm working on today

  • Dragging my ass into the office
  • Switching out my seasonal wardrobe
  • Stamping my feet at the rapidly waning evening light
  • Making potato leek soup.
  • Obsessing about a dress I had ordered that should have arrived but has not

Things I need to do

  • Go to a wedding in Chicago
  • Finish clearing out and preparing gardens for winter
  • Determine exactly how to host Thanksgiving for twenty +
  • Baby proof the house for when my nephews visit at Thanksgiving
  • Keep dragging my ass into the office

Anyone notice writing over here didn't make ANY of the lists? Sheesh.


Jen on the Edge said...

If you don't blog, we'll understand and we'll still be waiting patiently for you when you return. :-)

Swirl Girl said...

I'm with you on the ass dragging part.

Violet said...

Is there another way to get to the office? If so, I haven't found it yet. This morning dragging my ass to the office was harder than dragging a pallet of bricks across sand. Ugh.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Seasonal wardrobe--that My actually sounds a little fun. My seasonal change is to put a sweater on.

My basil is just sitting there--dead.

ree said...

Yea, but you got lots done!

Leanne said...

Writing is tough when you're doing all that. I just dragged my hinny through Thanksgiving up here, which leads me to uh, Christmas. Oy. Pass the wine. I'm drinking straight from the bottle tonight.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

that's some list. speaking of seasonal, I need to pull my turtlenecks to the TOP of my t-shirt pile!

Shelley said...

The tailgate parties and the poker tournament sounded fun! That's my kind of fun. I have those lists too...need to do, am doing, etc., in my head. However, I wish I had an office to drag my ass to sometimes.
I applaud you for doing the babyproofing. When Seven was a toddler, my in-laws did NOTHING to their house. Nothing, except leave piles and piles of crap laying around. Needless to say, we didn't go over there much for a couple of years, and when we did, we didn't stay long. Babyproofing just makes the visit more enjoyable for everyone.