Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When the Spirit Moves You

I am, as they say, a cradle Catholic. A product of Catholic parents and Catholic schools. There are are a hodgepodge of sayings our parents and the nuns used to toss out to us while we were growing up. Little gems like:

  • "Offer it up!" when someone called you a name or was in any way mean.
  • "Pearls in your crown!" should you complain after being asked to do an odious chore.
  • "Leave room for the Holy Spirit!" if there was the possibility of a near occasion of sin.

Avoiding near occasions of sin was BIG. The textbook definition is to avoid external circumstances which either because of their special
nature, or because of the frailty common to humanity, entice one to sin.

In other words, don't put yourself in a situation that would TEMPT you to sin. One should avoid hanging out with people of low character as this could lead to smoking, cursing or drinking. One should avoid spending time with rumor mongers lest you join in the gossip. And one should never, EVER spend time alone with a boy behind closed doors, in a parked car or in an otherwise empty house as this could lead to S-E-X.

It's a parents job to remind their children to avoid near occasions of sin.

And to leave room for the Holy Spirit!


Holly (me.) said...

Middle Child came home from a co-ed church retreat a few weeks ago with my favorite so far, "Boys are blue, and girls are pink. Let's avoid even a hint of purple."

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My experience with cradle Catholics is that they can party like nobodies business!

Violet said...

The Holy Spirit comes in many forms! LOL

I was a cradle Catholic, too. I don't remember any of those particular sayings (just last weekend my sister said our Catholic school experience was more Montessori than typical parochial school) but OH! the near occasion of sin! I remember being afraid of it and confused by that phrase - near? occasion? What the heck?

I get it now...and still need to pay attention to it.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How funny. I have never heard of these sayings, but "pearls in the crown" is priceless!