Thursday, January 7, 2010

What would make a girl?

What would make a girl go out in this?

And wade through this?

To go dump scraps in this?

My new border fork!

The Precious Daughters got this for me for Christmas. I love the short handle and the light weight. Perfect for work in the compost bin. I know come spring I'll find it helpful in the gardens as well. The Master Gardening site is a great source for good quality gardening tools.

As an aside to my fellow composters, do you see that bit of bright blue in the left of the photo?

That's a piece of a Sun Chip bag! Now 100% compostable! How cool is that? A chip that's not altogether bad for you and a bag you can compost!


Violet said...

"...not altogether bad for you..." Now, there's a rousing endorsement! hee hee hee

Very sexy fork. :)

Jen on the Edge said...

I use the same thing to turn my compost and it's so great.

And, yes, I'm tromping through the snow too, just so that I can stay on top of things. It will all be worth it this spring.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a great tool! Why don't I have one?

ree said...

Really? The bag? Awesomeness.

I tromped through the snow this morning to make sure the damned dog got his walk in.

Cindy said...

love that fork! love that snow! we only got a little dusting this season... :-(

Shelley said...

Love that your daughters got you a gardening fork for Christmas! :)

Are you back from Cabo yet? Do we get pictures? I hope you had a wonderful time!