Monday, January 24, 2011

Dress Code Violation

I shed my work day like a snakeskin. Within sixty seconds of hitting the door my work clothes come off. It's not as if my office has some draconian dress code that includes skirts and pantyhose.

(Hell, I pretty much give myself a jeans day every Friday!)

No, for me the shedding has more to do with stripping off the work day. It's a physical letting go and sinking into the comfort and routine of home.

But let's be honest; this time of year usually finds me going from work clothes straight to pajama pants. They're just so comfy.

I mean for the lova’ God it's, cold, dark and snowy. Don't I deserve a little flannel with an elastic waist?

Chances are I'm in for the night and if you happen to stop by? I don't give a rats ass.

However this winter I've taken to entertaining in my PJs.

Hell, I've taken to going to other peoples homes in my PJs.

Last week we were headed to my parents’ house for dinner. I’d been on autopilot when I got home from work and already had my pajamas on. I wondered aloud if my mother would mind my showing up for DINNER in my pajamas. The Saint simply shrugged and said, “You don’t actually SLEEP in them, so they’re not REALLY pajamas, they’re HOUSE PANTS!”

HOUSE PANTS! Is it any wonder I love that man?!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have yoga pants, but it's the same principle. I agree about the need to make that change from work to home.

You have quite the collection of cute flannels!

Holly (me.) said...

Around here we refer to that as "After 5 Attire".

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

House pants--I love your husband too! And as the queen of sweats, I totally get it--after wearing jeans to go somewhere all day, I generally cannot wait to shed them.

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