Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday

“So, what are you giving up for Lent?” is right up there with “So, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?” in my book. A nosy and presumptuous question. Yet, “None of your damn beeswax” hardly seems an appropriate response given that we’re entering the Lenten season. (My favorite response is: “I’m not sure, minding my own business was my New Year’s resolution and it’s taking up all of my time.”)

Now some casual observers might suggest that I give up cussing like a motherfuckingsailor swearing; but that my friends, is just not possible. I will, however, observe the Catholic traditions and teachings of Lent. Acts of penitence and abstinence are things I will do willingly. I will go to Mass tomorrow and have the sign of the cross marked on my forehead with ashes. I won’t eat meat on Ash Wednesday or on Fridays during Lent. I’ll fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

On days when I crave a coffee or a bag of chips, I’ll stop and put the money I would have spent into the alms can. The same with the change that finds its way daily into my pockets. I won’t listen to the radio in the car (drives my family INSANE!) and use the time to pray. (I am not a perfect person, I need the help.) And I SWEAR I will try my best not to snap at anyone before eight in the morning.

I hope to emerge on Easter with a lighter heart, a clean spirit.


Irish Goddess said...

Good luck! I'm a very bad Catholic, but I do like Lent and its idea of giving up/doing to come out on the other end more spiritually refreshed. Even more so than Christmas, this part of my upbringing is so deep and pervasive. (That being said, rest assured I will not give up anything and I will feel slightly, but not really, guilty about it.)

Angela WD said...

Lent has crept up on me too quickly! I want to spend this time in something that will draw me closer to God...whether that means giving something up or doing something differently. THanks for the reminder!

Vanessa said...

I wish you luck in this endeavor. Never easy to give something up. Well, usually never!

Ree said...

Remind me to stay away from you before 8 am. If you don't yell, you may swing ;-) Kidding my dear.