Monday, October 6, 2008

Fug or Fab - The Deck Edition

Remember way back last spring when I lamented about the state of our deck? Well in true slacker fashion we did nothing about it until last week.

What we discovered was that in addition to leprosy, we also had a number of boards that needed to be replaced. There is a large Redbud tree on the south side of the deck. It provides wonderful shade, but also drip, drip, drips moisture all year round. So the number of boards that needed to be replaced turned out to be more than we originally thought.

Bad picture sent by the Saint via crackberry

I chose a nice semi-transparent stain for the deck only to be informed that it would have to be painted. Otherwise the "new" wood and the "old" wood would give our deck a somewhat uneven appearance. You may recall choosing paint colors is NOT my thing. Especially from a postage sized paint chip sample and under time pressure. (I told the Saint the week before that I needed to see a BIG swatch, or preferably a couple of boards painted, before I made my final decision. He claims he remembers no such conversation. GAAHH!!)

So take a look bleeps,

What do you think?

Is "Human Flesh" a poor color choice?

Or is it just me?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think it looks beautiful. And ready for you and a lawn chair and a good book!

Ree said...

Well, I like the color, but you could always do another coat of something different. ;-)

I mean, my deck is BLUE, for crying out loud.

Leanne said...

It actually looks pretty darn nice in the picture.

I'm just shocked that people actually get out there and get their decks fixed! I've now put our deck problems on the 'deal with next spring' list.

We're a little lazy over here....

Holly (me.) said...

I like it. It doesn't give off a fleshy vibe.

Daisy said...

It looks good.

That paint name, however, is pretty disturbing. How twisted is the guy who thought that one up?!