Monday, December 29, 2008

Things that make me want to say FUCK

I decided to give myself a little vacation day yesterday. After the steady march towards the holidays and then the full on sprint that is Christmas I realized I'd done little in the way of relaxing. After Mass, Precious Oldest and I hit a museum to see an exhibit I'd wanted to visit for a long time. We followed up with a late brunch and then I came home and finished a book.

Still? I was feeling less than satisfied. I could feel the post-holiday doldrums start to set in. I called my sister; moaning about having to go back to the office the next day and we decided to have a little party. We watched a couple of movies and finished off leftover cheese and crackers, appetizers and cookies. Along with the open bottles of wine and a pitcher of Bloody Mary's.

It seems that indulging myself did not sit well with karma. I had a bad nights sleep for one thing. I kicked the shit out of nudged the Saint to STOPSNORINGALREADY five times, falling back to sleep each time. The sixth time I just could not fall back to sleep and lay there seething until fifteen minutes before my alarm went off. When I did fall back asleep, it was for just long enough to make me cranky.

I stumbled out to the kitchen only to find a coffee maker malfunction had all but ruined my pot of coffee. I had to strain coffee grounds out of my java to get my AM fix. A not entirely successful endeavor I might add.

It seemed everything I needed this morning was on another floor of the house. I thought if I had to climb the basement stairs just ONE MORE TIME I was going to scream. As I grumbled into work this morning I was feeling mighty sorry for myself. Then I remembered I had received this award from Green Girl in Wisconsin.

Clearly I am not feeling very fabulous but I decided to trot this out and pass it on the the folks who I know would (if, you know, they lived anywhere nearby), upon hearing my sad tale, take me out for a drink, pat my back and tell me it will all be better tomorrow.

Melissa would, of course, be included in this group.
Ree of Hotfessional fame would be next in line.
Jenn over at Juggling Life would be there in a heart beat.
And of course Daisy, my very first commenter ever!
Swirl Girl can drink a glass with me any time!
Oh, and Leanne might need a break from that Canadian winter weather and want to head south!

So if not in person then in spirit; could you buy a girl a drink?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This situation cries out for a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea followed by a day of recuperation. The drinks are on me!


Susan said...

I could go for a couple of Cosmos about now. I'm buyin'!

Patpatpatpat, there, there!

Daisy said...

So you wanted to say fuck, but you didn't? (You are the height of restraint!)

Bottoms up on the virtual bottle of wine I'm sending you.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh my--nothing is worse than wrecked coffee first thing in the morning. If I lived closer I'd be treating you to coffee with a shot of whateveryouwanted.

Swirl Girl said...

Thank you for the lovely award!

I am glad you are opting for beverage alcohol over just beverage....

Anytime baby, anytime!

Mary Alice said...

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear...the saddest part of that whole bad sleep night was the coffee ruination.

I would have fixed you some lovely Knock ya Naked margaritas.