Sunday, December 14, 2008


There is a winter weather warning scrolling across the top of the television screen. The temperature dropped over thirty degrees today and there is a wicked wind blowing.

In other news:

  1. I burned myself three times today between baking cookies and cooking.
  2. A baked potato exploded in the oven. The oven I cleaned earlier this week.
  3. Drama in Precious Youngest's love life.
  4. Upheaval in Precious Oldest's personal life.
  5. A general feeling of fatigue, unrest and holiday stress permeates the air.

Winter weather warning? I think you'd better give the women round these parts a wide fucking berth.

I'm just sayin'.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've never had a baked potato explode, but I can picture the mess. I hope tomorrow's a better day.

Leanne said...

Yikes. Well at least we can still vent about it all on our blogs. That's the grace, right? Sigh. :)

Hey! I just looked at the last post's pictures. They're beautiful!! Did you cry? How could you not? I would have been a mess. Conrgats! I'm so glad it went well.

Holly (me.) said...

Yeah. It's been like that around here, too. Here's to bloggy friends.

NJDecorator said...

Good Luck with that weather...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think it's in the air--I actually had a crying jag on Saturday and now my husband is a little afraid of me. Oof.