Monday, June 1, 2009

This and That

My sister joined us for dinner and a movie Friday evening. I made Halibut which was quite delicious and we watched “Milk”. I started nodding off right before the pivotal moment of the film and had to back track. I think it lost something with the interruption. Sheesh.

Precious Oldest is currently in Paris. She informs us that while Parisians are quite blasé about the Eiffel Tower and its heinous “light enhancements”, the view of the city at sunset from the top is quite lovely.

Precious Youngest seems to be on a mission to spend as little time as possible with her parents. Which is currently breaking her mother’s heart just a tiny bit. Sheesh.

I have been working diligently in my gardens and I have to say they look quite good. I have taken some pictures but have not gotten them off the camera.

The Saint will be traveling for work this week. No doubt this means an appliance will beak down, the power will go out and someone will get sick. Sheesh.

My parents are closing on the house on Friday. The move is scheduled for the end of next week. I love my parents dearly, but I have loved them from a distance of three hours my entire adult life. Ya know?

That is all.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sheesh is right. I think you need to schedule some girlfriend and wine time while the Saint is gone!

Holly (me.) said...

I'll second Green Girl. A smidgeon of whine over a lovely glass of wine is just the thing.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Maybe by predicting it you will prevent the traditional "breaking of the appliance!"

Daisy said...

I live 10 minutes from my parents, and that's about right. I don't know that I could do a shorter distance.

May all your appliances continue to function! (It's from inside your fortune cookie.)