Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The calendar informs me that autumn begins today.

I could have told you that without help from the folks from "At-A-Glance".

  • Mums have replaced begonias in the pots on the front porch.
  • The crab apples are plentiful and a bright, bright crimson.
  • The boat has been pulled, cleaned and stored for winter.
  • The windows are open and the morning air is brisk.
  • There is barely enough light after my early morning work-out to do any gardening.

What says "Fall" to you?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yep, our leaves are changing and there is a sharpness to the light in the sky lately. I hate this season.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Here in The Sunshine State it means open windows and fans instead of A/C, the citrus groves will be opening for the season and the rhododendrons are getting ready to bloom.

You just gave me an idea for a post!

Holly (me.) said...

Mums, leaves turning, sweater weather, and a desire for soup... ah, I do love those little signs of the season turning.

Shelley said...

It's so different now that I'm in a place that actually has fall! The leaves are beautiful and the air is crisp, and I'm able to wear some clothes that barely ever made it out of my closet in AZ. I'm loving it.