Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just don't call me crazy

After running errands last weekend I went about the business of putting groceries and sundries away. I came up from the laundry room and said to The Saint that he must PROMISE me that if I died tomorrow and people came over to help him clean out the house that he wouldn't let them call me “Crazy Soap Lady”.

When I went to put this recent purchase in the cabinet:

I found THREE of these already stowed away:

A close up:

Yes - a combined 56 bars of soap. For two people. Who only rarely engage in mud wrestling. Upon reflection I suppose "Crazy Soap Lady" DOES a certain ring to it, no?


Holly (me.) said...

In my case it was toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes.
*sigh* At least we won't stink.

Jen on the Edge said...

I've been the crazy soap lady for years.

We're picky about soap here. We don't want something labeled as antibacterial, we don't want something with extra moisturizer or extra anything in it.

We just want basic soap. Nothing fancy.

In recent years, basic soap has become hard to find. The soap we used for years is no longer made. I could see the writing on the wall, so I stocked up at one point -- bought every bar they had.

Once that supply was gone, I started hunting for more. When I found something I liked, I bought loads. It's now no longer made.

After much trial and error, I found another brand I like a lot. I bought a large quantity, because I'm taking no chances.

Violet said...

Hello, Crazy Soap Lady, it's me, Wacko Pasta Girl. More than one person has teased me about my inventory of pasta. Well, shoot - there are so many shapes and sizes and pasta is so inexpensive!

I've actually been trying to reduce the number of pasta boxes in my pantry. I never had 56 boxes but now I think I'm down to 6 or 7. That's not unreasonable, is it?

Daisy said...

There's probably a name for a soap-buying disorder, but I've got no right to throw stones (or toilet paper, for that matter.)

ree said...

Would you rather have 56 bars of soap or none?

I thought so.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I would hate to run out of deodorant-hence the large stockpile.

Swirl Girl said...

my parents hoarded LUX soap for years...then moved into a 'home'

only kidding!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

If you're crazy soap lady, I'm crazy toilet paper lady.