Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates (Starring good news!)

My sister is home from the hospital! While she is taking a total of eight prescription medications NONE of them need to be injected. Can we say “halleluiah”?

My mirror is up and I’m very happy with the results.

And let me just add that taking a picture of a mirror and not putting yourself IN the picture? Is a whole lot harder than it might seem!

If you can ignore the “which damn camera are we supposed to be looking at?” expressions on our faces, this is me with my mother, my sister and my niece from the wedding a few weeks back.

Growing up we didn’t think we looked much alike, but geez now that we’re older? Yeah, maybe a little.


Jen on the Edge said...

That is a great photo of you with your family! I'm glad to hear that your sister is doing better.

Violet said...

YAY for your sister!
Yay for the new mirror - it looks fab.
And what a good-looking tribe you are!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You all look fantastic.

I'm so glad your sister is on the mend.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

All of that is swell news--healing sister, mirror bought & hung. You look fantastic, despite not knowing where to focus.

Daisy said...

Fannie, you are a truly stunning-looking woman!

I'm glad your sister is on the mend.

ree said...

Yay for good news. And for gorgeous women.