Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Adventure Ted"

I have a brother who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is Sib #4. After graduating from college he spent a number of years living out every young man's dream. He traveled through Europe; he was in a rock band; he windsurfed, snowboarded, skied and kayaked in Hood River, Oregon; he worked in various capacities at Glacier National Park; he led rock climbing and white water rafting tours; etc., etc., etc. There is a reason we call him “Adventure Ted”.

In his late twenties he settled down and made Salt Lake City his home, in large part because he can continue his life of adventure quite easily from there. Of course one has to earn a living. So, he went back to school to secure the proper credentials to teach …

wait for it ……


In middle school.

I know, right? But if you had a middle school kid, especially a boy? This is who you would want for their teacher. He’s smart, he’s committed and he’s FUNNY. Let’s face it; he is a cool dude.

As you may recall I had a couple of weeks from HELL busy week last week and made a small boo boo. Sib #4’s birthday was the day after my golf tournament. While I had purchased a card, I didn't manage to get it in the mail until the day OF his birthday. And I didn’t get a hold of him on the phone until the day AFTER his birthday. Here’s how the conversation went.

#4: “Hello.”

Me: All upbeat and positive“It’s your slacker sister calling a day late and a dollar short to wish you a Happy Birthday!”

#4: Sigh “Well gee, thanks.”

Me: Still with the positive “I was thinking about you yesterday! In fact I put your birthday card in the mail ON your birthday!”

#4: Pause (Here I think I detect an eye roll long distance) “You know I don’t accept late work.”

Me: Testily “How about if you just drop me a letter grade?”

#4: Slowly, with sarcasm“I don’t think that’s how we learn, and what kind of example does that set for the rest of the Sibs?”

Well for crying out loud, what a hard ass!

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