Friday, October 26, 2007

It's your party and I'll cry if I want to

Oh. My. Ever. Loving. God. I went to a jewelry “party” last night. And by “party” I mean a thinly veiled attempt to make me part with my hard earned cash. I despise pyramid schemes disguised as parties multi level marketing shindigs. I don’t care what kind of jewelry, kitchen gadgets, home décor, plastic storage containers, sex toys, or baskets you’re peddling. Unless your scam involves me tasting, then ordering, large quantities of wine? STOP.

But last night I found myself in a very odd place. It was a Thursday night and no one was home but me. Precious Oldest has permanently deserted me in the pursuit of higher learning, Precious Youngest was at work (and since they NEVER HAVE DAMN SCHOOL, was spending the night at a friend’s house), and the Saint was out of town. I was alone. Two loads of laundry were washed, dried and put away. The dog was fed. The dishwasher was loaded. Hell, even the coffee for the next day was staged in the spiffy machine with a timer thingy.

So I toddled up the street to view jewelry. Now I’ll give the “sales associate” this much, there was no sales pitch about the goods. Or joy of working for the company. But really, despite my presence and seeming lack of activity in my life? I do not want to have a party of my own! Really, I can’t. I like my friends. Way too much. And I’m sorry my neighbor didn’t have “her perfect party” because three guests didn't sign up to perpetuate the madness. But I'm a big girl now, and guilt? Doesn't really work on me anymore.

What did you do last night?


drawer queen said...

Our lives are a little spookily parallel. I went to a jewelry party this week too, after having refused (or ignored) two previous invites for last week. I HATE HATE HATE these things. I had to pretend that this stuff was relevant to my life, it isn't. I had to smile and agree, yes it would make the perfect accent for that little black dress at the next black tie affair, it wouldn't. I had to slink out the door after not buying anything and not signing up to host a party. I would never in a million years do that to my friends. I think these pyramid schemes are a shitty way to have a get together if that is your "Reason".

Don't EVEN get me started on Arbonne. ARGH!!

I did however eat copious amounts of the wonderful appetizers. That will show them.

drawer queen said...

Oh, I also was invited and naively attended a sex toy party under the impression that it was something to do with underwear or nighties and such. That was a real eye opener...more about the people there and the questions they asked as I sat there trying to keep my jaw from hitting the ground. Another one from which I left empty handed.

Shelley said...

Dear Lord, I hate those things. One of my friends started doing Pampered Chef at one point, and she kept trying to get me to have a party at my house. It's as bad as being on a used car lot, those parties. I avoid them like the plague. I think I bought one thing from PC once...a cheese grater. It sucked.