Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

When the girls were small getting them to put even a little something in their tummies pre trick or treating was a real challenge. They would be in such a frenzy to get into those costumes and hit the streets. So long ago I started serving the same thing every single year, Mac and Cheese made with "Halloween" themed pasta. They enjoyed the novelty of shaped pasta, and I figured just half a dozen forkfuls would be enough to get them through the evening.

The trick however, is finding the pasta! A couple of years one of the Boy Scout troops went around selling a year’s supply of “Theme” pasta; Christmas Trees, Flags, Pumpkins, Acorns, Bunnies, etc. Some years I’d stumble upon it at a grocery store. Or I’d get on-line and track it down. And yes, I realize that my "baby" is sixteen, but the Holiday traditions continue on in Whoville.

This year we found this at World Market:

I think in California and other western environs World Market is called “Cost Plus”. It is a great store; take a Pier One and put a liquor store in the middle! Now that’s what I call one stop shopping!

Also picked up something special for me:

A nice "Vampire" Pinot Noir.

We carved our pumpkins last night.

Here are the finished results:

Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to who carved which Jack-O-Lantern?


suburbancorrespondent said...

Love the jack-o-lanterns! And I know what you mean, shopping everywhere just to keep up a tradition.

DaisyJo said...

I think that middle pumpkin should have gotten a flu shot!

Fannie Mae said...

SuburbanC: The things we do for our kids!

Daisy: Hee! The middle one is mine, but I totally swiped the idea off the internet!