Friday, December 28, 2007

A re-cap in pictures

Christmas Eve: 12:00 PM

Precious Youngest and Precious Oldest are back from the airport with Uncle Spud. The Saint is at the grocery for the second time today because in all my meal prep and planning? I had nothing for lunch. So I waited for him to return and pondered my very tall fourth week* advent candle (*technically only two days long this year).

Christmas Eve - 2:45 PM

Should be getting ready for the imminent arrival of more house guests and dressing for 4:00 Mass, but instead am talking to my sister.

Dinner is over and all are sated. The annual opening of the Christmas PJ's is complete.

Cookies for Santa &
Carrots for the Reindeer

Christmas Morning 8:00 AM
Santa came, but where are the children?

OK, OK already. I'm up, but I didn't say you could start taking pictures!

Presents for Fiona!

Precious Youngest realizes that good things (like iPods) do come in small packages!

Precious Oldest has been begging for a pony for YEARS!

Wait, what was that in the bottom of the box?

Car keys?!?! (Ten years old, but one owner and only 80,000 miles!)

Oh my gawd! She dropped the car keys!

They slid all the way under the stove!

Not our best angle to be sure!

Oh that mom, she is a clever one!

The Precious Daughters got me theses cannisters I had been coveting.

The Saint got me an iPod Nanno. Which I am sure he now regrets as I can't figure out how to load music by myself.

And this DVD, one of my favorites.

We ended the day with birthday cake.

There is more to tell, but I have to put some time in at work. How was your Christmas?


DaisyJo said...

Those sock monkey pj's are great!

Fannie Mae said...

We do love our PJs.

Fannie Mae said...
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