Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For the love of family

GAH! I just deleted a whole freaking post. Now I have to start over. Bah. People, I am TIRED. First we had the staying up late getting ready for the weekend, and then we had the staying up late to party on the weekend. It was very fun. My father teared up when he saw everyone there, and he loved the slide show.

In other stressful exciting news, my sister closes on the house on Friday and moves the same day. *The total estimate to fix everything was about $5,000 and the sellers agreed to pay the biggest chunk of it. And as the Saint points out; the bones of the house are great, it’s just the circulatory system that’s in the crapper. And that? Can be fixed.* I’m trying not to be my usual glass half empty self, but damn it I think it’s going to be a long week.

Now I love my sister with my whole heart and soul. But if you look up disorganized procrastinator on Wikipedia? You’ll see a picture of Sib #2. And yes, her life has been crazy stressful the past several years, but she’s always been this way.

Last summer my sister moved from her old house to a nearby duplex. (With movers I begged to do the job with one week’s notice because that’s all she gave me.) We went over to her old place a few days before the move to get everything finished up before the movers came.

My sister, who wasn’t working at the time, assured me she’d been packing EVERY DAY. Ahem. There were about six boxes packed. Pictures were still on the walls and books were still on the shelves. The refrigerator and freezer were full of food and the drawers were full to bursting. The saint had his tool box so he could unhook her washer and dryer. But there was a load of wash in each and plenty more waiting.

Now she’s working full time, so I expect things to be in even worse shape this go around. I’ll be going over after work all this week to try and spur things along. Unfortunately our last e-mail exchanges with me pushing to schedule workman, getting started on school registration and switching her utilities ended with her calling me “bossy”. More than once. Sigh....


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I totally feel your pain.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah! The procrastinator. I hate moving them. Your best recourse is to show up with a box of Hefty garbage bags (for the soft stuff) and a load of empty boxes. And Zoloft;)

How nice that the party for your dad turned out well!

Vanessa said...

So glad your sister got the house and hopefully family life with smooth out soon!

Daisy said...

Your sister and my sister may be related.