Thursday, July 3, 2008

If you're so inclined

My sister, Sib #2, needs some prayers right now. If you're not of the religious persuasion, can you spare some good thoughts?

Sib #2 divorced her alcoholic, abusive husband (Asshole from here on out) almost two years ago. She had to sell her house and move into a rental. She went from teaching pre-school part time to a full time corporate job. She is raising three children more or less on her own. (Asshole is currently under house arrest after is third DUI.) Two of the children are TEENAGE GIRLS, enough said.

She's been looking at houses in our neighborhood. She wants to move her family closer to us for many reasons. One of which is that her ten year old son needs the Saint in his life as much as possible. It will also cut her commute time from thirty minutes to ten.

She's working with a realtor friend of ours. We all looked at a tiny house last night. It is half a mile from us. It is what she can afford. If Asshole continues to pay child support. Which may or may not happen. She made an offer last night.

She's taking a giant leap of faith. I'm praying that whatever happens will ultimately be for the best.


new diva said...

Prayers for her and her kids going up right now. Hope all works out for her!

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts her way and yours!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sending positive thoughts for a good outcome.

Vanessa said...

All my good vibes and energy is coming your way!

Swirl Girl said...

Throwin' some her way. I've got extras.

Mary Alice said...

I am sending prayers right now...not just for the house, but that your sister will have the strength to do all that she needs to do. It's hard enough raising kids, teens especially, but to have to do it on your own with little deserves a little help from above and all around. She's doing the right thing.