Friday, April 9, 2010

Aw Shucks

Thank you for the kind words - but I’m FINE people. I wallowed in self pity and then told myself to get over it.

In other news:
  • The Sun is out
  • The temperature is warm and getting warmer
  • The forecast for the weekend is GORGEOUS
  • I’m planning to play in the dirt and perhaps get my pots planted
  • I’m wearing my very adorable shoes
  • There's a poker tournament Saturday night
See? Healing nicely!


Shelley said...

Does the fact that I was looking for the "like" button on this post mean I spend too much time on Facebook?

Have fun playing in your garden this weekend! And let us know if you win big in the poker game. ;)

blackbird said...

I'm smiling at you. With you.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I just bought a spring/summer bag that would be divine with your shoes.

And it was way cheaper because I got it at Ross.

Sun is good!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

LOVE your shoes. I played in the dirt this weekend too--so therapeutic, isn't it?