Monday, August 18, 2008



Any of the above words could be used to describe the general mood in Whoville last night. There is no doubt that certain members of my household would find said words applicable only to me. I, however, would not.

Let's just say one is helping a household member pack up for an extended stay away from home and is carrying a large box out of the basement. A large box filled to the brim with electronic devices (hair dryer, alarm clock, flat iron, power strips, CD player, etc., etc., etc.). And the person carrying said box realizes half way up the steps that the box is not taped shut on the bottom. And the box starts to collapse in on itself and a piece of electronic equipment escapes through the bottom of the box and skitters down the basement stairs. How pray tell, how, is this the fault of the person who neither brought the box home to be used for the move nor packed the box?

Let's just say one has had a long and testy tiring day and is in bed, in their nightie, watching gymnastics mentally preparing for the next day. And their spouse comes in and hands them sheets of paper with lots of important dates and activities listed out for the upcoming school year. And the spouse is incredulous pissed off annoyed that one is not wearing their READING GLASSES and one has to look for them. And the spouse proceeds to demand request that the important activities one will be participating in be declared RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Well, you can understand how one might refuse to cooperate and suggest having papers shoved in their face at this time of night is not appreciated.

Ahem. While one enjoys family togetherness A GREAT DEAL, after all is said and done, perhaps the school year beginning anew is not an entirely bad thing after all. I'm just sayin'.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm just hearing!

We're leaving at 2ish tomorrow morning. MVP is not yet totally packed. "He doesn't do things the same way I do."

Ummm, does he mean he doesn't do things the RIGHT way?!

Ree said...

I've packed with that box.

And y'know, how, when someone accidentally causes another party bodily harm and said party gets fuming, fuming mad and won't speak to the one that ACCIDENTALLY did the harm?

But then if the tables are turned and someone's husband, er, the other person shoves a chair RIGHT INTO someone else's foot with a stress fracture in it? How said broken-footed person shouldn't be able to get a teensy-weensy upset?

Holly (me.) said...

Funny how all that togetherness eventually facilitates an easier separation just when it is time to be apart a bit more?!

Daisy said...

One's spouse has lived with one for how long without knowing that one doesn't wear reading glasses to watch tv?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Chin up, I know you're up to your eyebrows in irritants. The fact that you haven't bailed on them all means a lot.