Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've been a little grumpy. And out of sorts. I thought maybe it was because I've been staying up too late watching the Olympics. But something occurred to me yesterday.

I was driving with Precious Oldest to Target to do a "Back to College" run. (Holy hell people, start saving $$$ NOW!) And I started to get a little misty. And I realized I'm in the throws of my annual they're going "Back to School" schlump.

Precious Oldest leaves on Monday. Precious Youngest is checking in as we speak. Getting her last high school ID picture taken. Paying for her last high school parking permit. Getting her last locker assignment. This morning I took the last "First Day of School" picture.

1997, First and Third Grade

I don't know where the time has gone. I look at these faces and my eyes fill with tears, my throat closes up. From the day they were born I prepared them to leave us, to be on their own, to be successful. But now that they're doing it? I wish I wouldn't have been so damned efficient.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Look at those sweet faces and jumpers!!! I would feel maudlin sending that off too.

Shelley said...

Awww, what a sweet picture! I know all too well how looking at old pictures leaves you longing for those little babies. They grow up so fast. Granted, I don't have one in college yet, but even the knowledge that in less than two years my oldest will be an adult...Excuse me while I go get a tissue. And get out some old pictures.

Daisy said...

Isn't it sad that they can't stay little forever?


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Hey! Did you take my word?

And here I've been thinking that if I went back to work, the kids' leave-taking wouldn't affect me as much! So, thanks - now I won't bother.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It is so bittersweet.

The clothes hiding thing? I do it too.

Frank said...

I remember when we left our oldest at college for the first time and started the ride home, both my wife and I were wrecks. My wife cried the first 30 miles and I wasn't much better. How could we leave her there alone, 325 miles from home? She's only 18. Of course she was fine. Just not her parents.

Ree said...

Right there with you sweetie - Shortman picks up his last high school schedule on Monday. Sigh.