Friday, August 15, 2008

Is it just me?

Or do other people hide their bra and panties under their clothes during the gyno visit? Seriously, think about it. I'm lying on a sheet of tissue paper, wearing a gown made out of my grandmothers old apron, with some guy about to get all up in my business - and I HIDE my bra and panties? What, he's going to see something he SHOULDN'T? Sheesh.

So I had my fun appointments today. I kind of like my doctor. He's the department chair, so he knows what he's doing. Everyone is very nice to me because I'm his patient and he doesn't have that many. AND they're very considerate of his schedule so there's no ridiculous waiting around, in and out in thirty minutes.

Did you catch that? Department Chair? Um, yeah, at a teaching hospital. So the DOWNSIDE is he sometimes brings STUDENTS. Today I had THREE breast exams! For the price of ONE! And had my cervix described in great detail! By THREE people! Fortunately, only Dr. C palpated my uterus and ovaries. So let's give a little thanks for small blessings.

Then on to the mammogram. Because three breast exams in one day are simply not enough. Just me and Barb this time, thank the sweet baby jesus. She kept assuring me "we" were doing just GREAT! I haven't been felt up that much since high school.

For this I took off half a day of work? If I'd planned ahead maybe I could have squeezed in a dental appointment too.


Daisy said...

Oh geez, you were right. Your day off was not as fun as mine.

I do the same thing with my bra and panties. Weird, isn't it?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I do--I totally hide my undies, but your post explains how that defies any logic in the Modesty Code.

So you let a roomful of people get to 2nd base--I hope you drew the line there!!!

Madame Queen said...

I hide my bra and panties too! *whispsers* usually because they're so ratty!

And good lord! three people! It's bad enough when the bring the nurse in!

Swirl Girl said...

everyone hides their bra and panties...even when you wear the 'good ones'.

I hate going to have my boobs smushed and getting my schmeer. And in front of others too? You should ask for a additoinal peeks discount.

Romi said...

Found you through Swirl Girl. Great blog!

I hide the undies too.

Last time I went to the Gyno "Specialist" was for a follow up appointment. I had a lump which turned out to be a cyst. He walked in with a student and said, "So, it looks like you failed your breast exam and have to see me." My response, "Yeah, Looks like I got the boobie prize if you ask me." He had me doing all these arm lifts and other assorted gymnastics while his beautiful assistant stared at my breasts. She was so young. I kept thinking that she was wondering if hers would sag like mine when she was older. Then they sent me over to the Mammogram machine and had to put the monster size plate on to get the pictures. My boob looked like a large pizza squished on that plate.

Susan said...

I hide mine even though they're behind a curtain. Geez, was I raised in the 50's and 60's or what! Hate the mammogram! Feels like your nipple is going to pop open! Tech says, hold your breath. I say, no problem! Ouchie!

Vanessa said...

Squeezed in a dental appointment? That may be getting a little crazy! I've had the visit where it's a "teaching" visit and I didn't like it. Seriously, how many people need to put their mits on me?