Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Fannie: remarks to the Saint whilst looking out the kitchen window at the swing set in the back yard "The seats on the swings are looking a little ragged; do you think we should replace them?"

Precious Youngest: with disdain "No one even FITS in those seats any more."

Fannie: thoughtfully "Well maybe not you, but......You know? We don't really have that many little ones visiting any more. Maybe we should take the whole thing down."

Precious Youngest: now horrified and filled with dismay "Geez mom, way to dismantle my childhood before I'm even out of high school!"


Tessie said...


At least you didn't start wistfully squirrelling items away "for the grandchildren" like MY mom did.

Karen said...

It's never a winning situation when teens are involved, is it?

Sarah O. said...

Ha ha! Your daughter sounds like mine. So damn clever and so damn impossible!

Barb said...

Sometimes ya just can't win! Thanks for the chuckle.

Vanessa said...

Great come back on her part! I wish I could have been that bold or clever with my own mother.