Friday, April 18, 2008


I know I’ve explained the Precious Daughter’s reluctance to let go of inability to walk away charming habit of remaining friends with the majority of their ex-boyfriends? (For the love of god, if you plan to read the rest of this entry PLEASE read the LINK!) Well I’ve got a mini teen drama playing out and I want to go on record as saying I think someone is going to get their feelings hurt.

Precious Youngest has known a young man we’ll call “Boy A” since Kindergarten. They “went out” some time during eighth grade if I’m remembering correctly. Boy A went on to a different high school (Jesuit, all boys), but he lives in the neighborhood, they have friends in common, so they still see each other a fair amount. Additionally, if you attend an all boys school? You will need Precious Youngest and her pals to go to various dances with your friends and you will not hesitate to call her. In fact, it was through Boy A that Precious Youngest ended up with Homecoming Date #1 last fall.

As a refresher, Precious Youngest is a high school junior. At the aforementioned all boys school, in place of “Junior Prom”, they have “Junior Ring”. Here in Whoville, the word on the street is that this is THE high school dance. Not to be missed. THE BEST. Boy A, who still carries a wee torch, wants to take Precious Youngest. Problem? "Boy B". Boy B was Homecoming Date #2 last fall and morphed into Boyfriend around Christmas.

Precious Youngest has had “hard core talks” with Boy B and he has “agreed” that Boy A can take her to "Junior Ring" with the proviso that, the weekend of the dance, he can complain as much as he wants and she can’t say anything.

Are you still with me here? Do I need diagrams? Flow charts? OK, here’s the thing; I don’t see this ending well. I’ve TOLD Precious Youngest this. She insists it will be fine. That she just wants to go to the dance. That Boy A KNOWS it's "just as friends". That Boy B is really OK with this.

I remain uncertain. Any thoughts?


Madame Queen said...

Some boy is going to end the weekend with a broken heart. But hopefully no broken appendages.

Maybe, just maybe, it will all work out. But I have to say, Boy B sounds VERY mature.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If she's being honest and straightforward with Boy A he may well end up with a broken heart, but it won't be her fault.

It sounds like maybe he's the kind of kid that can't resist picking at a scab, so it never heals.

Ree said...

Did I miss why Boy B isn't taking her?

Poor boys.

Suburbia said...

She's a lucky girl to have a choice!

I'm sure it will all work out!

DaisyJo said...

As much as she tells him it's friends, he may not truly believe it. She should be very clear with him that it's a "friends" only dance.

Mary Alice said... thoughts are as follows:

#1. You are right.

#2. She will not believe you.

#3. She must find this out for herself.

#4. Afterwards you can tell "I told you so."

Shelley said...

Yup, what Mary Alice said. I think my mother grew out of her stupid when I turned about 25. Before then, she didn't know much. :)

ann said...

Does she have a "thing" for both of these boys? If so it could end in trouble. If not then it might be ok.

Another question to ask is what is Boy A like? If he is mature enough to handle it then it may all turn out fine.

Really all you can do is let it play out to the end, we as moms unfortunately dont have much of a say in these matters.