Sunday, November 25, 2007

Random Life Lessons

One should not go to a bar to watch THE GAME, drink several beers, leave at half time because you realized "OMG! I still need to post" (why am I still doing this?) , come home and try to post. Drinking and writing do not mix.


Being on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" before THE GAME truly is a curse.



You might think you've raised your teenager to make good decisions. And then they will spend the night at a friends and come home the next morning (having gone to Target with said friend to purchase, with her hard earned cash) wearing these:


The people at NaBloPoMo may have a sadistic streak. For those of us who travel over the Thanksgiving holiday it is bitch. Trying to post on a blog that no one is supposed to know about is a whole lot harder with a gazillion people milling about. Particularly when the In Laws have one computer. With dial up. No hiding in the bedroom posting on the laptop for you girlie girl!!


suburbancorrespondent said...

Aaack! The picture of your teenager isn't coming through. What did she buy?

Fannie Mae said...

Don't know what happened - I can see the pics. Added Flicker to my side bar. Whee! Try that and let me know what you think of the fashion savy.

new diva on the blog said...

Those are quite something! What about night forays to the potty? Is there a trap door?

Shelley said...

Are those...the zip up footie pajama things that little kids wear? I didn't know they made them in teenager size. Heh.

Fannie Mae said...

Don't know if anyone is checking back, but yes footie PJ's, in a size WTF? And I have no idea how she can potty in them. But she's sixteen and already knows everything so I guess she'll figure it out.